BWBC Library


Anderson: Ron * The Lebensohl Convention

American Contract * The Official Encyclopaedia of Bridge
Bridge League

Becker: Jay * Becker on Bridge

Bergen: Marty * Points Schmoints
* Negative Doubles
* Better Bidding With Bergen
* More Points Schmoints
* Slam Bidding Made Easier
* Marty Sez
* Better Slam Biddding With Bergen
* Declarer Play the Bergen Way

Bird: David * Famous Bridge Records
* Defensive Signalling at Bridge
* Practise Your Defence Against Pre-empts

Bird and Smith * Planning in Suit Contracts

Bird and Bourke * Defending No Trump Contracts
* Planning No Trump Contracts
* Planning in Suit Contracts
* Defending Suit Contracts

Blackwood: Easley * The Complete Book of Opening Leads

Boehm: Augie * Wielding the Axe

Brown: Derrick * Benjamin Twos
* Intermediate Bridge
* Beginner's Bridge
* Advanced Bridge - Contested Auctions
* Advanced Bridge - Uncontested Auctions
* Improver's Bridge

Butts: Joan * Play Bridge
* Play Bridge 2

Cappelletti: Mike * Cappelletti Over One of a Major Doubled

Chua: Cathy * The History of Australian Bridge

Clay: John * Tales from the Bridge Table

Cohen: Larry *Introduction to the Law
* Following the Law (2)
* To Bid or Not to Bid

Cotter: Pat * Bridge Play Technique

Courtney: Michael * Play Cards with Tim Seres

Cummings: Dick * The Cummings Collection

Dick: Ross * Better Bidding for Improving Players (2)
* Common Bidding Mistakes to Avoid

Flint: Jeremy * Bridge with the Times

Feldheim: Harold * Negative Responses and Other Competitive Doubles

Goren: Charles * Goren's Bridge Complete

Granovetter: M & P * Conventions at a Glance
* Bridge

Grant: Audrey * Improving Your Judgement - Doubles
* The Impact of Opening Leads Against No Trump Contracts
* Improving Your Judgement - Opening the Bidding
* Bridge Basics 2 Competitive Bidding

Hacketts * Practise Your Opening Leads
* Practise Your Weak Two's

Hall: Peter * Competitive Bidding at Pairs

Havas: George * The Australian Book of Bridge

Horton: Mark * The Hands of Time

Kantar: Eddie * Classic Kantar
* Gamesman Bridge
* Bridge for Dummies
* Introduction to Declarer's Play
* Introduction to Defender's Play
* Eddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge Defence

Karpin: Fred * The Art of Card Reading Bridge Strategy at Trick One

Kelsey: Hugh * Test Your Timing
* Killing Defence at Bridge
* Improve Your Opening Leads
* Bridge for the Connoisseur
* Bridge Odds for Practical Players
* More Killing Defence at Bridge

Kelsey and Bourke * Bridge Quiz for Improving Players

Kambites: Andrew * Card Playing for You

Klinger: Ron * 100 Winning Duplicate Tips
* Ron Klinger Answers Your Bridge Queries
* Winning Bridge Trick by Trick
* 100 Winning Bridge Tips
* Bid Better; Much Better
* Bridge Basics
* Guide to Better Card Play (2)
* Guide to Better Duplicate Bridge
* The Power of Shape
* Improve Your Bridge Memory
* The Modern Losing Trick Count
* When to Bid When To Pass
* Playing to Win at Bridge
* Bridge Quiz for Improving Players
* Cue Bidding to Slams
* Guide to Better Bridge
* A Good Game of Modern Bridge

Klinger and * 50 Winning Duplicate Tips
Kambites * Card Play Made Easy (Safety Plays and End Plays)
* Card Play Made Easy (Suit Combinations)
* Card Play Made Easy (Trump Management)
* Card Play Made East (Timing and Communication)

Lawrence: Mike * DONT (2 copies)
* How to Read Your Opponent's Cards
* Double! New Meaning for an Old Bid
* The Complete Book on Balancing
* Play Bridge With Mike Lawrence
* Play a Swiss Teams of Four
* Opening Leads
* Dynamic Defence

Leve: Guy * Encyclopaedia of Card Play Techniques

Magee: Bernard * Practise Your Discarding

Marshall: Miles * How to Win at Duplicate Bridge

Mahmood: Zia * Breakthrough Bridge Defence for Beginners
* Bridge for Beginners

Marston: Paul * All About No Trumps
* The Language of Bidding
* Principles of Card Play (2)
* Winning Decisions in Competitive Card Play
* Card Play Technique (3)
* Winning Decisions in Competitive Bidding

O'Connor: Patrick * A First Book of Bridge Problems (2)
* A Second Book of Bridge Problems

Priest: Dennis * Problems in Play

Pottage & Smith * The Golden Rules of Declarer Play

Reese: Terence * When to Duck When to Win in Bridge
* Bridge Card by Card
* Those Extra Chances
* Master Play in Contract Bridge

Rimington: Derek * Practise Your Reverse Bidding

Rosenkrantz * Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Trump Leads

Root: William * How to Defend a Bridge Hand

Root: William &
Pevlicek: Richard * Modern Bridge Conventions

Saunders: * Bridge with a Perfect Partner

Seagram: Barbara
& Bird: David * 25 More Bridge Conventions
* 25 Ways to Take More Tricks as Declarer
* 25 Ways to be a Better Defender
* Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand

Seagram: Barbara * 25 Ways to Compete in the Bidding
Smith: Marc * 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know

Seagram: Barbara * Roman Key Card Blackwood
Lee: Linda * Jacoby 2NT

Stark: Andy * The Weak No Trump

Thomson: Matthew * Bid More, Play More, Enjoy More, Win More (2 copies)
* How to be a Lucky Player

White: Travis * Odd Tricks

Woolsey: Kit * Partnering Defence in Bridge

Zorn: Bill * Bridge Abridged

& Smith: Marc